If you are interested in Jack Russell rescue, you need to understand that adopting one of these Jack’s is not entirely the same as purchasing a puppy from a breeder. This is due to the fact that Jack Russell Terriers at a rescue are usually adult dogs that have been abandoned, abused or given up by their original owners. Therefore, these dogs require owners who are familiar with the breed and know what they are getting into.

The following are answers to questions you may have regarding Jack Russell rescue:

Is there any reason why I shouldn’t rescue a Jack Russell?
If you have never owned a Jack Russell Terrier, you should think twice before adopting one from a rescue shelter. Jack Russell’s are high energy and hard to control. In fact, part of the reason why so many Jack Russells end up in rescue shelters is because owners can’t handle them and give them up.

Take time to carefully consider your decision. If you know you don’t have the lifestyle that compliments the breed, or the time or patience to give a Jack Russell, it wouldn’t be fair to yourself or the dog to adopt. Be responsible in your decision and know what you are getting into.

Where can I find a Jack Russell rescue?
The best place to look for a Jack Russell rescue is to conduct a search online or contact your local human society.

Does it cost money to adopt a Jack Russell Terrier?
Yes. There is a fee to adopt a Jack Russell. Rescues are volunteer associations. Therefore the cost of the adoption will likely provide the shelter with money to help them continue helping animals, as well as cover the vet bills of the jack you are adopting.

Can anyone adopt a Jack Russell?
No. The Jack Russell Rescue and Shelter will not hand over a Jack to anyone. All interested applicants must fill out an adoption form and will be properly screened to verify their suitability. For instance, some Jack Russell rescue shelters will decide if one of their dogs is right for you based on your:

Home life – where you live. If you live in an apartment or in the city with a small lot, the rescue may deem your living accommodations unsuitable for the breed.

Family – if you have children. Most rescues will not give one of their Jack Russell dogs to a family that has children under the age of 6

Pets – if you have other pets, such as a cat, rodent or another terrier of the same sex, the rescue shelter may be leery about granting you adoption, due to the nature of the Jack Russell breed.

Lifestyle – if you work a lot and won’t have the time to give the required attention and exercise to the Jack Russell, you may not be granted adoption.

Donations and Sponsoring
Finally, even if you can’t adopt a Jack Russell because of your inexperience, or lifestyle, you can give donations to the Jack Russell rescue or humane society. In fact, most rescues provide you with the option of sponsoring one of the Jack’s. Thus, although they will still care for the dog, your charity will go towards any medications or vet bills needed to treat the dog and keep him healthy. Note: Most donations given to recognized rescues and shelters are tax deductible.